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Community Guidelines (Code of Honor)

Prepared for: Members, Friends and Sponsors of Avalon Community 

Created by: Avalon Community


This Code of Honour is created to let you know about our values and our behavior. Being a member, friend or sponsor of Avalon Community means we would like to act in a certain way.


 How we invite you to behave in our community: 

  •    Be kind

  •    Open your heart

  •    Be supportive

  •    Turn on creation mode 

  •    Think in possibilities

  •    Keep your vibration high 

  •    Reflect on yourself

  •    Make it work together

  •    Know and ask about your needs and needs of others

  •    Share, give, love

  •    Think in abundancy 

  •    Take care of yourself and each other 

  •    Support each other's talents

  •    Think in abundance 

  •    Take care of and respect nature and animals

  •    Be aware

  •    Be the love

  •    Be the light

We like to stand for:

  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Feel

  • Communication

  • Share

  • Give

  • Receive

  • Reflect

  • Create

  • Support

  • Manifestation

  • Dream

  • Inspired action

  • Enjoy

  • Love

  • Freedom


Accept our Code of Honour before joining our community.

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