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Avalon Community

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Avalon Community is a community that takes on the challenge of shaping a new world based on intuition and equality. To live with the Earth, instead of only taking from it. You can talk or write about this, but we believe it is more powerful to just do it.


Are you with us?


Avalon Community is supported by a group of women. We share a mission to lovingly care for the land and give it back to itself. So no one can "have" her. Every creature is welcome. Whether you come to dance, to heal, to shout, to talk or to be still.

Will you come to vibe with us?



Hello, dear fellow human,


You already know us. Or at least one of us. And you know Avalon: our project-in-the-making in Den Hoorn, the Netherlands. As you might also know, we are working on financially supporting our project. 


The past year has brought us many insights; we are learning to stay true to our values, even if that isn’t necessarily the easiest path. We are learning to move one step at a time, making sure everyone is on board. We want to practice integrity amongst ourselves, with you, and with the Earth. 


Therefore we have decided to start with the first step: redeeming the land beneath our feet, the Earth that bears us. We choose the word ‘redeem’, because we are not asking for help to become owners of this piece of land. The Earth does not belong to anyone, and that includes us. The Earth belongs to itself. We will buy this land free of legal ownership and give it back to itself. There are legal ways of doing that (think of examples such as Sleipnir, Patagonia and Trailblazers). 


Without this piece of land, the Avalon project cannot exist after the 1st of October. We as keepers of the land will have to leave and it will be sold to the highest bidder. Even if that’s someone who will flatten this exceptional piece of biodiversity amogst the big cities. And it will be what it is. 


However… naturally we would much prefer to continue to do what we do: the schools, the art, the music, the healing, the connections. From community collaborations to chime concert. Building tomorrow’s life together; locally and globally. 


We’d like to invite you to become a part of this initiative. With your help we will raise 1.8 million Euros before the 1st of October, to liberate the land and take the pressure off.  


After that, we breathe a collective sigh of relief. For there will finally be space to truly be able to listen - to one another, to the land. And to build on from there. 


Are you in? Check out our video and donate via:

Avalon Community

IBAN: BE53 9672 2316 6953 



With love,


The women of Avalon  

Annemarijn, Cézanne, Dymphi, Ellen, Erma, Eva en Kris 



Ps: Do you have any questions about this crowdfunding campaign, or about how you can contribute? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

Our doors are open for you!
Will you celebrate with us?

Avalon celebration - each Sunday 11.00 - 12.00

Help us to free the Avalon Earth of legal 
ownership and give it back to itself!

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